ABBA is a botanical haircare system that uses plant extracts, essential oils and tri-molecular proteins to deliver hair with inner strength and outer shine. ABBA products use aromatherapy to positively affect the mind and body's energy levels. The range is 100% Vegan containing no animal products or animal by-products.

ABBA Colour Protect

ABBA Color Protect Shampoo 236ml / 1ltr

Strengthening shampoo for chemically treated hair. Gently cleanses fragile and brittle hair while restoring lustre. Contains Aloe Vera and Rosa Canina to strengthen and smooth hair while maintaining colour. Benefits : Strengthens, smooths and maintains colour. PH Level: 5.5-6.5

ABBA Color Protect Conditioner 236ml / 1ltr

Strengthen conditioner for chemically treated hair. Conditions while locking in colour and shine without heaviness or build up. Contains Coconut and Wheat Proteins to rebuild strength and elasticity in damaged hair. Benefits : Rebuilds strength and elasticity. PH Level: 2.5-3.0

ABBA Mositure

ABBA Moisture shampoo 236ml / 1ltr

Hydrating shampoo for dry hair and scalp Hydrates and maintains moisture balance of dry hair and scalp. Contains Yucca and Geranium, both are powerful moisturizers that increase hair’s strength, body and shine. Benefits : Deeply hydrates, strengthens and adds shine. Ph Level: 5.5-6.5

ABBA Moisture conditioner 236ml / 1ltr

Hydrating conditioner for dry hair and scalp Restores moisture balance of dry hair and scalp. Contains Sage, Geranium and Mint, which act as herbal therapy for healing and conditioning. Benefits : Provides body, moisture and shine. PH Level: 4-5

ABBA Volume

ABBA Volume Shampoo 236ml / 1ltr

Thickening shampoo for fine, limp hair Gently cleanses fine or limp hair while increasing its diameter. Contains Neutral Henna for fullness and shine. Grapefruit adds an energizing fragrance. Benefits : Provides volume, strength and shine. Ph Level: 4.5-5.5

ABBA Volume Conditioner 236ml / 1ltr

Thickening conditioner for fine, limp hair Conditions while increasing the diameter of the hair. Contains Neutral Henna for fullness and shine. Seaweed Extract aids in moisture retention to prevent drying. Benefits : Provides volume and strength. Ph Level: 5-6

ABBA Volume Gel 236ml

Styling gel for fine, limp hair Provides excellent control and body without weighing hair down. Contains Aloe Vera and Arnica to nourish, moisturize and add shine. Benefits : Add volume, texture and shine Ph Level: 5.5-6.5

ABBA Finish

ABBA Finish Gel 200ml

Firm Hold gel for all hair types Adds support to difficult to hold styles. Contains Mica Crystals for extraordinary shine and thermal protection. Grapefruit acts as a conditioning agent. Benefits : Offers heat protection, adds volume and condition. Ph Level: 6-7

ABBA Style Gel 200ml

Medium hold gel for all hair types Provides great hold and shine when sculpting. Contains Mica Crystals and Yarrow for heat protection and extraordinary shine. Benefits :Offers heat protection, condition and shines. Ph Level: 6-7

ABBA Style Spray 250ml

Medium Hold flexible spray for all hair types Provides medium hold when workability is important. Contains Comfrey and Elderflower to soothe, soften and purify hair. Benefits : Holds, softens and helps purify. Ph Level: 6.5-7.5

ABBA Finish Spray 250ml

Scent-free, firm hold finishing spray for all hair types. Provides strong hold for styling or finishing. Contains Comfrey and Elderflower to soothe, soften and purify hair. Benefits : Holds, softens and helps purify. Ph Level: 8.5-9.0

Smoothing blow dry lotion 150ml

Lightweight lotion to tame frizz and enhance shine. Proteins smooth the cuticle and improve brush glide while protecting from heat. Benefits: Provides smoothness and frizz defense with added shine. pH level: 5.5 – 6.5

Firm hold hair spray 284ml

Finishing spray for long lasting hold and UV protection. Firm, yet flexible, buildable hold for shaping and creating any style. Benefits: Natural feel finish

Texturising cream 75ml

Lightweight cream creates shape with flexible hold. Enhance lightweight separation and definition on any style. Benefits: Adds texture and separation to finished style. pH level:4.3-4.2

Volumising root spray 250ml

Targeted spray creates volume and lift. Hair is plumped and thickened at the root for maximum fullness and body. Benefits: Adds lift at the root and plumps hair cuticle for increased volume. pH level: 3.7-4.5

ABBA Detox

ABBA Detox Shampoo 236ml / 1ltr

Detoxifying shampoo for heavy build up and impurities Removes build up and chlorine from hair. Contains Molasses and Baking Soda to gently cleanses and remove impurities. Recommended before a chemical service. Benefits : Gently cleanses and removes impurities. PH Level: 7-8

ABBA Gentle Shampoo 236ml / 1ltr

Intense treatment for weak or damaged hair Cleanses hair without harshness. Contains Watercress, high in Vitamin A, which has healing and relaxing properties. Aloe Extract adds moisture and promotes gentle healing. Benefits : Helps promote healingand smoothes. PH Level: 5.6-6.4

ABBA Thermal Protect Spray 250ml

Leave in treatment for sensitive skin and scalp Protects from heat and locks in style for all day hold. Contains Aloe Vera and Sage for protection and conditioning. Benefits : Helps protect against heat and damage. PH Level: 7.3-7.7

ABBA Recovery Conditioner 236ml / 1ltr

Intense treatment for weak or damaged hair Treatment that can be used bi-weekly or more frequently to replenish weak, fragile hair. Contains Lavender and Mint to soothe and condition while providing a calming aroma therapeutic experience. Benefits : Helps restore, strengthen and add shine. PH Level: 4-5

ABBA Gentle Conditioner 236ml / 1ltr

Leave in treatment for sensitive skin and scalp Nourishes, locks in moisture and provides protection from environmental stresses. Contains Aloe Vera to smooth and heal. Passion Flower provides a balancing aroma therapeutic experience. Benefits : Helps promote strength, moisturises and smooths.

Herbal Remedy

Leave-in treatment. Abba Herbal Remedy Leave-in Treatments are specialized solutions that work intensively to penetrate the hair shaft and deeply hydrate the cuticle. Herbal Remedy Treatments can be used on all hair types and are Sulfate Free, DEA Free, Paraben Free and 100% Vegan.

Treatments are available in 2 sizes. Ampoules and 4oz retail sprays. Choose from 3 specific formulas: Pure Moisture, Pure Colour Protect and Pure Volume. For optimal results, use with the corresponding Abba shampoo and conditioner.