Mastey Classic

Mastey Classic is the world's first sodium and ammonium laurel sulfate free haircare range with products specifically formulated to be gentle on the hair, skin and environment.

Moisture - Replenishment moisture for dry hair

Traité Sulfate Free Shampoo 236ml / 946ml

For normal to dry hair. Treats the hair and scalp to an intense boost of moisture, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and anti-oxidants to help restore hair to its optimum condition.

Frehair Daily Conditioner Detangler 236ml / 946ml

For all hair types. An advance detangling system that controls flyaway hair by infusing hair with positively charged molecules to counter balance the negative charges responsible for frizzy hair.

Moisturee Intensive Hair Moisturizing Conditioner 236ml / 946ml

Treatment conditioner for dry or damaged hair. A crème duplication of what our body produces naturally to keep our hair and skin moisturised. This unique hydrating system instantly improves the condition, health and shine of dehydrated hair.

HC Formula + B5 Intensive Hair Mender 236ml

For repairing hair and scalp. HC Formula + B5 is like a “band-aid in a bottle”. This leave-in liquid replica of hair keratin will repair split ends, alleviate scalp irritations, neutralize chemical residue, soothe sunburn and insect bites and moisturise dehydrated hair.

Repair - Emergency repair for damaged hair

Restore Sulfate Free Shampoo 236ml / 946ml

For colour treated or damaged hair. A reconstructing shampoo that gently cleanses the hair and scalp. Rich in amino acids, it protects and re-builds for shinier, more elastic hair.

Smooth 236ml/946ml

Daily conditioner detangler for stressed, damaged hair. Smooth daily rinse for fragile hair instantly eliminates tangles and prevents flyaways. Controls static charges to leave hair supple and manageable. Smoothes the cuticle and softens hair for easy combing and styling.

Liquid Pac Leave-in Repairing Spray 236ml

Leave-in conditioner for daily use on dry or damaged hair. A leave-in conditioner for stressed out, damaged or chemically treated hair that rebuilds and reinforces the structure, vitality and elasticity of your hair.

Basic Superpac 236ml

Reconstructing conditioner for stressed or damaged hair. This reconstructor is a superpac of the essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids required to repair broken protein chains and restore natural health, shine and elasticity to damaged hair

Fine hair - Body and texture. Amplify the volume of fine hair.

Enové Thickening Shampoo 236ml / 946ml

For fine or thinning hair. A volumizing shampoo for fine hair, infuses a complex blend of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and moisture into the hair shaft making each strand thicker, smoother and more resilient.

Frehair Light 236ml/946ml

Daily conditioner detangler for fine and delicate hair. Instantly eliminates tangles and flyaways. Thickens the hair and adds fullness without weighing it down. It’s ultra light system smoothes and softens hair for easy combing and styling. Leaves hair feeling light, supple and manageable.

Enplacé: Sculpturing Spray Gel 236ml

Enplacé is a light weight, body building spray gel for sculpturing, styling and shaping hair.


Designer: Liquid Mousse 236ml

Designer is a liquid mousse that provides firm hold, volume, support and texture for all hairstyles.

Direction: Shaping Hair Spray 236ml

Direction is a sculpturing spray that holds the hair in place whilst layering and shaping. Formulated to protect against damage caused by heat styling.

Fixé: Finishing Spray 236ml

Fixé is a finishing spray that provides long lasting hold and soft, flexible finish to all hairstyles.

Le Gel: Firm Hold Styling Gel 236ml

Le Gel was the world's first alcohol-free, water-soluble styling gel. The original formula remains unchanged, as does Le Gel's ability to create precise hairstyles and unlimited shaping possibilities.

Regidé: Maximum Hold Spritz 236ml

Regidé is a maximum hold hair spray that provides serious support for the most creative styles.


Lumineux Shine Naturel:The Wet Look 236ml

Shine Natural offers style control that looks wet all day. Brings out natural hair and colour highlights with incredible shine. Controls frizz and flyaways.

Lumineux Hair Polish Shine Mist 120ml

An ultra light mist that adds high gloss shine and calms fly away frizz without weighing down the hair.

Lumineux Shine Gloss Smoother 120ml

Smooths & Shines, Protects & Seals Colour, Controls Frizz. A pure concentrated shine. Glides through hair for smoother styles with a gloss finish. Seals hair colour and protects from heat.

Lumineux Super Body Shine Gel 120ml

Provides significant hold with an emphasis on body, texture and shine. Create versatile shapes with all day hold and superior luminescence. Controls frizz.

Lumineux Hold and Shine 238ml

Superior final spray for instant lift and hold to hairstyles. Radiating hair with intense shine, it leaves a touchable looking finish that won’t build up.

Deep Cleanser

Use Me First 236ml

For all hair types. A deep cleansing shampoo that gently but thoroughly removes styling product build up, mineral deposits and chlorine from the hair.

Colour Refreshing Shampoo

Colour Refreshing Shampoo revitalises colour treated hair by maintaining the amount of colour deposited in the hair. Colour Refreshing Shampoo minimises colour fade, neutralizes undesirable brassy, reddish or yellow tones and improves the hair’s overall condition. On natural hair, it adds luster and shine by enhancing the hair’s natural reflects.


Zeal shampoos, conditioner and styling products prevent the formation of dandruff and repair skin damage caused by dandruff to deliver a flake-free scalp and beautifully conditioned, healthy hair. Unlike most shampoos, Zeal's shampoos and conditioner do not contain harsh cleansing agents such as ammonium or sodium laurel sulfate. Instead, Zeal uses a unique cream-based cleansing system rich in essential fatty acids to gently cleanse the hair and scalp.

Anti-Dandruff Shampoo 250ml

For all hair types:
Helps alleviate and prevent recurrence of flaking and itching associated with dandruff. Contains a mild cream-based cleansing system that adds moisture and essential nutrients to replenish a dry hair and scalp. Safe for coloured and permed hair. Balanced to the skin's natural pH level (4.5-5.5). Gentle enough to be used as a face and body wash on a daily basis.

Anti-Dandruff Conditioner 250ml

Suitable for all hair types:
This conditioner detangles, moisturises and repairs damaged hair after every application. Prevents itching and flaking associated with dandruff. Eliminates tangles and controls flyaway hair. Increases the hair's internal strength.

No-Stick No-Flake Gel 200ml

Ideal for all hair types:
A water-soluble gel with unlimited styling opportunities. Maximum hold formula, can be used to set short styles, promote body or finger styling. Adds incredible shine. Contains natural moisturisers and vitamins to make hair healthier. Alcohol free.