LK Professional Colouring Technology

LK Colour Technology is a scientifically advanced, cost effective, colouring system that delivers intense colour results.

LK ANTI-AGE Cream Colour 100ml Tube Mix 1:1

LK Cream Color is a low ammonia (1-1.5%), cream based permanent colouring system that delivers dramatic results across the whole colour spectrum. Available in over 100 shades, LK offers professional hair salons superior coverage on white hair, vibrant fashion reds and brilliant blondes with up to five levels of lift with 11 series, strong rich browns and soft pastel tones. The low ammonia formula ensures longer lasting results, less odour and fewer problems with sensitivity. As we age our hair like our skin loses moisture and elasticity, causing it to decrease in diameter and strength. In turn this makes achieving even, shiny and rich colours more and more difficult. The loss of keratin within the hairs structure significantly reduces the ability of hair to hold colour as we age, this causes problems for most colouring systems as they deposit colour at random. The answer is LK Anti Age cream colour. Lisap’s research and development laboratories have developed an exclusive system that is the perfect way to ensure uniform colour on mature hair. LK Anti Age contains an innovative active ingredient called PHYTO-ENHANCER. LK Anti Age cream colour with Phyto-enhancer allows micro-molecule colour pigments to penetrate the hair and attach to remaining keratin anchor points giving a more uniform colour, increase in moisture and longer lasting results even on less receptive hair.


Absolute 3 represents a unique innovation in the hair colour world. It is 100% Ammonia, PPD and Resorcinol free. Absolute 3 is formulated with Keratin and Argan Oil to give more shine, long lasting colour results, protection of the hair structure and more hydration during the colour process. Anti Age Micro emulsion Complex prevents hair structure from aging. The micro emulsion slows down the speed of the oxidation process, dramatically increasing the colour intensity and triggering a faster release of colour activators inside the hair shaft. The micro molecules are more resistant to washing and ensure consistent, even longlasting colour. The Absolute range shade answers the needs of even the most creative stylists.

Lisap Man Colour 60ml Tube

The new technology LISAP MAN COLOUR is a professional hair colour product for men, 100% ammonia free. It’s different from a standard colour: it doesn’t completely cover white hairs, but it softly masks them in just 5 minutes enhancing a natural “salt and pepper” appearance. It produces natural results with neutral effects that are neither warm or cold. It gradually fades over 5-6 weeks. The 6 colours in the range are Very dark brown - Dark chestnut – Chestnut - Light chestnut - Dark blonde - Silver light.

Lisap High Red Mix 60ml Tube

A new generation of hair colour for long lasting, true, vibrant reds. These 3 ultra intense strengtheners can be mixed with the LK fange to elevate the reflection of the chosen colour and to give longer resistance to the artificial pigment.

Flash Lift and Deposit Colour 60ml Tube

A system for creating intense coloured highlights on dark or coloured hair. No pre lightening required, simply apply and get long lasting contrasts in 15 minutes under heat (or 35 minutes without heat). Available in three shade, create intense flashes of red, red-copper and copper .

Splasher Colour 60ml Tube

Multi-functional 100% ammonia free hair colour. Splasher comes in 6 shades – 6 natural pigments that exactly mirror the colour star – 3 primary and 3 secondary colours. BLUE – VIOLET – GREEN – RED – ORANGE – YELLOW. Lisap Splasher is an advanced technical, easy to use and extremely versatile product. SPLASHER is formulated with pigment molecules that blend perfectly with the hairs natural melanin and keratin.

The uses for this amazing colour is endless.

  • Create strong bight fashion effects
  • Intensify any colour
  • Completely neutralize unwanted tones
  • Overly colour
  • Use a filler to create uniform and even results
  • Splasher uses 100% ammonia free technology for maximum versatility and compatibility. Splasher can be safely used in conjunction with any professional brand of hair colour, with or without ammonia.

    Easy shine fast lights

    The extra delicate decolourant system for streaks and highlight.The EASY SHINING FAST LIGHTS system has two components:1.Easy Shining Fast Lights Cream DECOLORANT CREAM 2.Easy Shining Fast Lights Powder LIGHTENING INTENSIFIER. Mixing the two components, with the addition of the Developer Easy oxidant, produces an ammonia-free cream for streaks and highlights, with a lifting action of up to five shades in 15 minutes under a source of heat. The product is user friendly, it has a pleasant fragrance, and it leaves the hair conditioned, soft and shining. Format Cream: 100 ml Tube, Format Powder: 25 g Sachets

    Dous Colour Tone on Tone 75ml Tube Mix 1:2

    Dous Colour Tone on Tone is a no-ammonia, tone on tone demi-colour. Dous covers 80% of white hair and is available in 42 intermixable shades to suit every client. Dous colour contains ceramide A2 and karite butter to create deep-down restructuring and conditioning. Offers up to 80% coverage of white hair and revitalizes flat, dull looking hair. For intense warm natural and long lasting shades. Dous colour can be used the same day as a perm

    Dous Glamour is a tone on tone ammonia free demi colour that has a great spectrum of modern and fashion shades. Ideal for achieving extra shiny intense colours. The range includes warm, intense longlasting reds that can be applied to natural or pre-lightened hair.

    Lisap's Developer

    Lisap's Developer is formulated to work in synergy with LK Cream Colour. The lanolin base of Lisap's Developers compliments the coconut oil base of LK Cream Colour. Lisap's Developers ensure better colour penetration and better colour stability. Available in 1.5%, 2.8%, 3%, 6%, 9% and 12%.

    Bleach & Light Pro Tech - Bleach – 7 level of lift

    A high proformance powder bleach – ideal for total decolouration, highlighting with foil and highlighting strips, for highlights created with a comb, spatula and for balayage techniques. Formulated with R.P.P. technology to guarantee excellent results – used professionally will not damage the hair. Has a non drippy, soft creamy consistency with excellent conditioning to give shiney clean results in maximum safety and minimal time. Tub containing 1kg sachet

    Conditioning Colour Remover 12x25gm per box

    Is used to eliminate artificial colour pigment only. Do not use on scalp. Procedure: shampoo and condition hair, towel dry. Then apply conditioning colour remover (CCR) to darkest section on hair first. Work the product through all areas of the hair that need colour removal keeping the product off the scalp. Processing time is visual. Remove with phase 2 shampoo and phase 3 conditioner. Product can be reapplied to hair if necessary.

    Top Care Repair Colour Care

    TOP CARE REPAIR COLOR CARE is formulated to make hair colours last longer, working from the moment that colour is applied. By closing the hair cuticle, it seals in colouring molecules and eliminates any traces of impurity both on the scalp and in the hair. All Top Care products are completely free of artificial colourings, Parabens and Silicone. The Top Care formula is enriched with Blueberry Extract, Ceramide A2 and Color Care Complex, guaranteeing long lasting, crisp and fresh hair colour results.

    COLOR CARE COMPLEX – A complex of amino acids and proteins with non-irritatant properties and a conditioning effect that makes the hair shinier immediately after colouring. It also has an anti- humidity action and prevents hair from breaking, making it more flexible.
    BLUEBERRY EXTRACT – Contains polyphenols with anti-oxidant properties, fruit acids that leave the hair shiny, and saccharides with hydrating, softening and conditioning properties.
    CERAMIDE A2 – Strengthens and restores cell cohesion maximising the quality of the hair structure, leaving it stronger and more vibrant.
    CREMA BARRIERA Has a protective and preventive action on the skin and prevents hair colour skin staining during colour applications. Easy to remove simply gently emulsify it with the hair colour.
    Instructions: use the product after applying the colour. Apply a layer of the product near to the hairline, particularly in the areas of the forehead, neck and temples. This will prevent the skin from absorbing the colour and makes any stain removal easier. Always apply after the colour as prior contact with the roots might affect the colour process. Immediately rinse the eyes should they come into contact with the product.

    Available in the 150 ml size

    After-Colour acid pH shampoo is used when removing processed hair colour. It eliminates alkaline hair colour residue from the scalp and hair. Its formulation improves the adherence of the colour pigments and nutrients, sealing them into the hair structure to ensure a long-lasting effect.
    Instructions: After the processed hair colour or bleach has been thoroughly rinsed out, apply a suitable amount of the product. Massage it into the scalp and hair with the palm of your hands and your fingertips. Lather and rinse out thoroughly. Then repeat the process and rinse out thoroughly. The after colour / and bleach treatment continues with the use of Lisap Top Care Repair Post-Colour pH Balancer Acid Conditioner.
    Available in the 1000 ml and 250 ml size

    Applied after After-Colour Acid shampoo, this conditioner restores the physiological pH of both the hair and skin and enhances colour shine. Leaves the hair soft and shiny, and the hair fibre smooth. The advanced and gentle formula is suitable for all hair types, especially fine hair. Instructions: apply the product to skin, hair lengths and ends. Leave on for 2 to 5 minutes then rinse out thoroughly.
    Available in the 1000 ml,250 ml size

    Escalation now 100ml Tube

    Escalation Now’s Five Phase Fusion system was developed by Lisap Laboratories – a new science of intelligent colouring..... a colour that does the thinking for you! The secret is in the innovative, artificial intelligence technology developed using a precise sequence of 5 MICRO systems, that complete the macro – hair- colouring process, bringing it to perfection. The system recognises the type and condition of the hair to be coloured, it automatically regulates the intensity and the strength of the product penetration into the hair structure

    ESCALATION NOW HIGH LIFT BLONDE SERIES - 11/02 & 11/08 - 5 LEVELS OF LIFT Escalation Now 11 series will give you up to 5 levels of lift on natural hair. 12SHL is a Booster cream that will give you up to 6 levels of lift. 12SHL must be intermixed with Escalation Now 11/02 or 11/08 to work. The amount of 12SHL used needs to be equal to one quarter (¼) of the amount of 11series used. No extra peroxide is added to your mix when you are using the 12SHL with the 11series. Please note – 12SHL cannot be intermixed with any other colours, only with Escalation Now 11/02 & 11/08.