Our Professional Products

Lisaplex™ - Pastel Colour

Semi permanent, ammonia free colour. Enriched with Lisaplex Bond Saver Organic Protein Complex for beautiful shine and condition. 8 gorgeous pastel shades plus 1 neutral allows you to choose effects as delicate or as strong as you desire....... Allows creative blending and harmonising for variable colour depth. Use with Lisaplex activator 8.5 Vol

Lisaplex - Multifunctional Protective Treatment


is a revolutionary protective treatment. It protects both the interior and exterior of the hair structure. It reconstructs the internal bonds of treated, damaged and hair that has been weakened by aggressive treatments.


Organic Protein Complex is the key ingredient on which the technology Lisaplex™ is founded. It ensures cosmetic enhancement, protection and reconstruction, and improves hair volume and thickness. Based on natural proteins it promotes elasticity and general health of the cuticle.
HOW AND WHERE DOES THE ORGANIC PROTEIN COMPLEX ACT? The Organic Protein Complex acts on two different levels:
Inside the Hair Structure:
  • TRIPLES the strength of damaged hair, restoring the natural antibreakage elements.
  • STRENGTHENS hair enabling it to withstand damage from combs, heated implements and brushes.
  • PROTECTS hair in conditions of extreme humidity.

    On the surface of the hair, acting at a cosmetic level to:
  • STRENGTHEN and moisturizes the surface of the hair.
  • REDUCES damage cause by aggressive chemical treatments, environmental stress and everyday styling.
    Lisaplex™ is a key technology for the following services:


    It preserves the hair structure without inhibiting

    Powder Lighteners

    Ultra Bleach 500g

    Ultra is a versatile dust free bleach that can be used on the scalp for lightening the entire head of hair or off the scalp for highlighting, foiling and baliage. Available in white and blue as refill or in tubs .

    BLEACH & LIGHT PRO TECH BLEACH – 7 levels of lift

    A high performance powder bleach – ideal for total decolouration, highlighting with foil and highlighting strips, for highlights created with a comb, spatula and for balayage techniques. Formulated with R.P.P. technology to guarantee excellent results – used professionally and will not damage the hair. Has a non drippy, soft creamy consistency with excellent conditioning to give shiny clean results in maximum safety and minimal time. Box containing 1kg sachet.


    Ultra Developer

    Available in 1 litre in 10V (3%), 20V (6%), 30V (9%), 40V (12%).


    Colour Save is a complete range of professional haircare products designed to protect, enhance and prolong the vibrancy of colour treated hair. The products are formulated to minimise colour fading and prevent scalp irritations caused by chemical residue.

    Pre-Colour Skin Anti-Stain 150ml tube

    pHase 1

    Prevents the formation of stains on the skin. Its camomile extract gives it a delicate skin soothing action.

    Post-Colour Rebalance 1000ml bottle

    pHase 2

    Delicately cleanses and removes processed hair colour and all alkaline traces from the scalp and the hair, leaving the hair soft, glossy, bouncy and easy to manage.

    Post-Colour pH Balance 250ml/1000ml bottle

    pHase 3

    Restores the natural pH of treated hair ( after permanent colour, bleaching and all decolourant treatments), moisturises the hair and scalp. Provides a biological protection for the hair cuticle, improving its strength and elasticity.

    Protective Barrier For Coloured Hair 250ml spray

    pHase 4

    Enhances the hair’s reflective properties, optimizing the cohesion of the plates that form the hair cuticle. Creates total flexibility and movement, protects colour-treated hair from damaging external agents.

    LISAP Ultimate Smoothing Treatment

    Lisap Ultimate, an exclusive, permanent smoothing treatment provides a ZERO FRIZZ effect with Kerasil Complex, for hair that is beautifully smooth for longer.

    Lisap Ultimate is available in 2 convenient kits to create perfect results on different hair types.

    KIT 1 Natural or Strong Hair and KIT 2 Sensitive or Coloured Hair

    LISAP Ultimate 3 Straight Fluid 250ml

    Formulated with ingredients that restructure the hair and give maximum heat protection. Helps to create ultra-smooth and manageable styles. The 250ml bottle is ideal for salon use and for clients to use at home.