DermOrganic ® Argan

DermOrganic is an all vegan professional product line of sulfate-free, gluten-free treatments for radiant hair and skin.

DermOrganic Laboratories, Inc. was founded in 1995 with a singular goal: To offer hair and skin professionals superior performing products that avoid, as much as possible, the harsh and synthetic ingredients found in standard cosmetic products. While the average person may use hair and skin products once a day, professional cosmetologists are exposed to them many times every day for an entire career! With that in mind, we based each DermOrganic® formula around ingredients that replicate natural hair and skin nutrients, replenishing from the outside what they need inside for health and vitality. This includes cleansers made from EFA lipids and amino acids, conditioners derived from vegetable proteins, treatments and even styling items rich in natural moisture factors. Each time you use them they contribute essential nutrients vital to maintaining the long-term health of hair and skin.

At DermOrganic® we believe the ingredients we don’t use are just as important as the ones we do.

DermOrganic® products are all vegan, made without animal by-products and are never tested on animals.

DermOrganic® products contain no sulfates, glycols, DEA, MEA, dyes or food colouring, they are gluten-free and contain no artificial preservatives. Being also Paraben-free they are made without salt, sodium chloride or other artificial thickeners

DermOrganic ® Conditioning Shampoo 350ml/1ltr

DermOrganic Conditioning Shampoo

Offers a healthy lather that makes other sulfate-free shampoos jealous! Made with mild lipid and amino-acid cleansing creams, it’s so healthy for your hair that you’ll never have to switch shampoos again. What makes it so good? Because the human hair fiber is made from amino acids, and the hair and skin’s moisture is derived from lipids, our proprietary blend of lipid and amino-acid based cleansers make DermOrganic® the only shampoo that moisturizes, strengthens and rebuilds the hair while it cleans!

Coloured, permed, heat styled or sun drenched, DermOrganic® has what it takes to impress your stressed tresses. We’ve also added rice amino acids to help repair, and reinforce; panthenol to rehydrate; and natural moisture factors to further maintain a healthful moisture balance. So gentle, this shampoo is ideal for colour treated hair and is superb as an all-over cleanser that leaves skin soft and supple. Further enriched with Omega-6 and anti-oxidants to protect and preserve the life of hair colour, we’re sure that you won’t find another shampoo that’s as safe, gentle and nourishing, unless its another one of ours!

DermOrganic ® Daily Hydrating Conditioner 300ml/1ltr

DermOrganic Daily Hydrating Conditioner

DermOrganic® Daily Hydrating Conditioner works at the molecular level to neutralize tangled tresses without silicones, propylene glycol or glycerin. Loaded with natural moisture factors, lipids and Panthenol B5 to increase absorption, improve slip, eliminate tangles and prevent flyaways. Dermorganic keeps hair manageable and is colour safe for veryday use.Follow with DermOrganic® Leave-In Treatment or DermOrganic® Shine Therapy.

DermOrganic ® Masque 236ml/1ltr

DermOrganic ® Masque

Is an intensive deep conditioner that revitalizes and repairs damaged hair from the inside out. It has unique properties that won’t build-up, or over-proteinize the hair, making it safe for everyday use .Why is it so good? Hair fiber is made of amino acids. Hair’s moisture is primarily derived from lipids. That’s why Masque contains a proprietary blend of rice amino-acids inside a lipid-based emulsification. Instead of coating the hair, DermOrganic works deep, depositing amino acids to strengthen and smooth each individual hair from the inside out while replenishing real, natural moisture. Colored, permed, heat styled or sun drenched, DermOrganic® has what it takes to impress your stressed tresses. So gentle, Masque is ideal for color treated hair and can be used everyday as a quick conditioner, and 2-3 days a week as a deep reconstructor.

DermOrganic ® Leave-in Treatment 120ml

DermOrganic ® Leave-in Treatment 120ml

Based on Morrocan Argan Fruit Oil, has the unique quality of instant absorption into hair. It restores shine and softness while strengthening brittle hair. Replenishes nourishment to dry, damaged, coloured hair. Protects hair from styling heat and UV damage.

DermOrganic® Leave-In Treatment has the unique property of speeding up blow dry time by up to 30%! The heat from your blow dryer makes the treatment more viscous, allowing it to penetrate into the hair, displacing water trapped under the cuticle and allowing your blow dryer to finish the hair quickly.

Why is it so good? Unlike other Argan Oil based Treatments, DermOrganic® contains no alcohol, no dyes, and no artificial preservatives. It is a lightweight formula that spreads easily through the hair and on the skin. Because of its viscous formula, it will not weigh fine hair down. It won’t look greasy or attract dirt, making it perfect for all hair types. On

Coloured, permed, heat styled or sun drenched, DermOrganic®has what it takes to impress your stressed tresses. So gentle, Leave-in Treatment is ideal for colour treated hair and can be used everyday on wet or dry hair as needed.

DermOrganic ® Texture Taffy 100ml

DermOrganic Texture Taffy

Define, shape, and texturize with this flexible fibrous paste. Create interchangeable styles and layered looks with ease. Provides textured styling without stiffness, and layered looks, design and redefine with flexible control. A matte and malleable finish

Directions: For texture, definition and control, place desired amount in palms, emulsify, then work into damp or dry hair to style. Hint: Emulsify in your hands for the level of control you want.

DermOrganic ® Volume Foam 150ml

DermOrganic Volume Foam

DermOrganic® Firm Hold Volume Foam is an ecologically friendly thick hair mousse. Aerosol-free foam spreads easily into hair to provide incredible root lift, curl support, and lustrous, voluminous styles. Defines curls and waves. Give volume, support and shine. Ideal for round brush styling. Provides thermal protection. Suitable for all hair types . Humidity-resistant and heat-resistant with Anti-Fade Extracts and UV inhibitors to protect hair color Maintains style after brushing. Non-aerosol enviro-mousse. Alcohol-free goodness for your hair and the air.

Directions: Work into damp hair, then style and blow-dry, set or diffuse for root lift, to accentuate waves and curls, and for lasting volume.

DermOrganic ® Leave In spray Shine Argan Oil Therapy 100ml

DermOrganic Leave In spray

DermOrganic® Leave-In Shine Therapy seals, repairs and protects. A fine mist spray for easy application on long hair, and especially curls. Adds softness, eliminates frizz and improves slip. Protects cuticle and offers incredible shine and sleekness. Helps reduce blow-drying time and is ideal for use with hot irons. Seals cuticle & protects color.

Directions: Lightly mist in sections onto clean damp hair, comb through while blow-dry styling. For use with hot irons, mist into sections before flattening or curling. Spray lightly over finished styles for therapeutic shine.

DermOrganic ® Sculpting Spray Gel 236ml

DermOrganic Sculpting Spray Gel

DermOrganic® Flex Hold Sculpting Spray is an alcohol-free daily working spray that provides full bodied, textured styles. While brushing, curling, blow drying or finger styling, it is ideal for setting styles. Create non-sticky, touchable, layered styles. Locks in your flat-iron looks and provides thermal protection. Both alcohol-free & humidity-resistant. Contains Anti-Fade Extracts and UV inhibitors to protect hair color. Is suitable for all hair types

Directions: Spray into hair while brushing, blow-drying, or finger styling. Spray into sections prior to hot ironing. For curlers, spray prior to wrapping.

DermOrganic ® Windswept Defining Whip 120ml

DermOrganic Defining Whip

A lightweight style enhancer that provides definition to curls and spring to their bounce. Separates, controls frizz, nourishes and maintains irresistibly smooth, dynamic hair styles.

Directions: Dab and emulsify into hands, massage lightly through damp hair from the nape forward before diffusing. For a more relaxed style, let hair dry naturally.